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This blog is meant to combine all info found online about these scams.   It has been proven by many authorities that have looked into these scams that the calls are originating abroad in Pakistan and India and possibly other countries.   It also is clear that these scammers post on the Internet posing to be “customers” or employees.   It is fact these scammers threaten and sexual harassing thousands of people and use fear to try to mug you financially and scare you into giving them money.  This blog is meant to aggregate what is out there on this scam and scammers and the various people behind these scams.

It is also clear the scammers make up email addresses and names at the drop of a hat and use fake names.  And fake names and email addresses are very very very obvious.

  1. Jay
    August 13, 2011 at 2:00 am

    Have you received a scam Instacash phone call or similar scam call? What can you do? Here is something that I’ve been doing. I’ve listed the phone #s on the social network site that all my friends are on. We all call the numbers as many times as we can each day. We say we know they are scamming and we are calling to keep them busy so they cant call others. One day I called over 30 times. The guy got so upset he started to stutter. If every American would call just one number every day they wouldn’t be able to make any calls at all. I’m always nice when I call. I ask why they want to hurt people and tell them how intelligent they are even though they are doing a bad thing. I say they should try to do good in the world instead of taking advantage of people. Spread the word and the numbers. The numbers that have called me are 818-666-1697 and 760-437-6212. Oh yeah, just to be safe you may want to use your caller ID blocking code and call your phone provider to make sure you aren’t making and/or being charged for a long distance or international call.

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