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Company Names They Use or Have Used

  • ACS Fast Cash International
  • Accelerated Judgment Recovery Services
  • Affidavit Consolidation Services (ACS)
  • All American Financial
  • ALFA Group Advisers
  • American Law Division
  • American Legal Services
  • Attorney General’s Office (usually in California)
  • Attorney and Legal Services
  • Cash Advance USA
  • Carlson law firm
  • Chris Williams Attorneys office
  • Crime Monitoring Services
  • Cyber Crime Unit
  • David Morgan and Associates
  • DCA Law Office
  • Department of Justice
  • FCS
  • FCS International
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Federal Bureal of Crime Investigation
  • Federal Central Investigation
  • Federal Council of United States Government
  • Federal Counsel for US Government
  • Federal Credit Law Firm
  • Federal Credit Legal Department
  • Federal Dept. of Justice.
  • Federal Department of U.S. Government
  • Federal Fraud Agency
  • Federal Law Firm
  • Financial Consulting Services
  • Financial Crime Department
  • First Cash International
  • Henderson Law Group
  • Hudson Law Firm
  • Instacash Legal Dept
  • Jaffe and Jaffe Law Firm
  • Law and Investigation
  • Lawrence Wolf Legal
  • Melrose Law Firm
  • Midline Marketing
  • Monetary Crime Division
  • Morgan law offices
  • Morgan and Associates
  • National Federal Credit Union
  • Patrick and Associates
  • Pay Cash One
  • Public Credit Services
  • Steven Law Firm
  • Thomas Gregory and Klein
  • U.S. National Bank
  • United Financial Criminal Investigation Division
  • United Financial Criminal Investigation Division (Dept)
  • United Legal Processing Division
  • United Loan Services
  • Williams and Associates
  • UNLD
  1. Debbie
    September 16, 2011 at 1:15 am

    I think this is so sad to misrepresenting themselves as the federal government which is illegal and I did report them and am urging others to do the same they called me last three days left messages they were going to have me arrested they were with federal dept of justice for a outstanding loan I had not paid and I was confused as I had just recently paid off the loan and found out it was not my loan companty it did scare me at first had me in tears to think I have two grandchildren that depends on me to take care of them. They told me I would be arrested a warrant would be issued and a police officer would come to my door and their english was not good either was hard to understand them. I asked them name of lender they could not tell me and I asked for them to send me paperwork on the loan and they hung up on me all this raised red flags. The name I was given was Justin Green Dept of Justice the phone number was 646-571-3386. I hope they get what they deserve I have turned them in to my state attorney generals office and found out they are a scam also searched the internet. They are not to smart if they will not give me the information I was requesting and claiming to be representing Dept of justice the federal government. No notification in the mail or anything come on give me a break all the warning signs were there. DO NOT TYAKE THE BAIT turn them in and maybe something can be done. . . .

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