I just do not understand

As I dig deeper and deeper into this, I do just do not see how this “company” – it is clear there is one company behind all this which is using many names – a company here in the USA who seems to be running the whole thing and a company in India it seems who does the calling.  I do not understand how if the FBI, Secret Service, FCC and FTC, BBB, and many of the states’ attorneys – if they have known about this for 3-4 years now (the ABCNews story dates back to 2008) – how they could not once and for all after 3-4 years be able to close this scam down once and for.

Go after the way they process payments – follow the money  – was it Woodward and Bernstein who said that?  Follow the money and close this down once and for all.   It seems like nothing has changed from 2008 – they just changed their names, modified their scripts and they keep calling, scamming, stealing, harassing and threatening and terrifying people.

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