More on 92128644 québec inc and Mike Souheil

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According to one of the many posters who post about one of First Cash International’s many numbers they use to scam people, Mike Souheil is actually Mohammad Souheil.
Izzy writes:
5 Oct 2010
I feel really bad for all you people being scammed by this company (9212 8644 québec inc). Maybe if someone went after the owner, Mike Souheil – who’s real name is Mohammad Souheil – maybe this nonsense would come to an end. By the way, lovely FB picture Mike…Talk to you soon  ;p
Caller: ur friend
Aaron replies to Aaron

30 Mar 2011
As well owned by Mike Souheil , a Lebanese guy whose name is Mohamed Suheil.
For your information writes:

16 Feb 2011
FCS (Financial Card (credit) Services) or otherwise also known as Card Services.  The scammers who got you to give up your credit card info, even your social security numbers in some cases are very sneaky indeed!  They work in a way that protects them from any legal trouble.  But you should never do business with anyone who pressures you.  Sadly they target the elderly.  Anyway. If  you want to get these arab SOBs you can find them in MONTREAL  (St. Laurent), QC, CANADA is where they are hiding.  on 7075 place Robert-Joncas Suite 225!!!!!!!! across from the Marriot Inn  6500 Place Robert-joncas, St. Laurent, QC  (Next to Jeld Wen)
Continuing to dig… How does 9212 8644 québec inc and Mohammad Souheil aka Mohamed Suheil aka  Mike Souheil   relate back to Intellisourze and the earlier scams in Florida?
QUESTION: Is this a real comment or someone seeking to defame a legit company?   Is Mohammad Souheil aka Mohamed Suheil aka  Mike Souheil and 9212 8644 québec inc involved in the scam or just a victim of a rant by someone seeking to harm a legit company?
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