92128644 québec inc and Mike Souheil

On the blog, “A Born Accident”, the author writes of her horrifying experience with First Cash International.


Unfortunately a similar story to others’ experience.

I am still shocked how this company can still be operational when it is so clearly conducting 2 scams at the same time!

What is interesting is a comment to her story by Karma who states:

i used to work for this company they are a scam their real business name is 92128644 québec inc and it is run out of ville st laurent in quebec, it is owned by a mike souheil do everything you can to shut this company down they are horrible people and deserve the worst to happen to them


Is this real?  Definitely have to look into this business and Mike Souheil or is this a red herring by the real scammers?   Any comments out there?

QUESTION: Is this a real comment or someone seeking to defame a legit company?   Is Mohammad Souheil aka Mohamed Suheil aka  Mike Souheil and 9212 8644 québec inc involved in the scam or just a victim of a rant by someone seeking to harm a legit company?

  1. jean
    June 25, 2012 at 6:51 am

    is this his fb account ?? http://www.facebook.com/mohammed.souheil

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